Fun With Breakable Furniture 5:06 PM

Hello! Well, we're moved in for the most part. Of course we still have all the teeny tiny little details to fine tune and some minor unpacking still to be done as well as pictures to hang, but we're getting more and more settled every day. It has been a challenge to live with another family, but we seem to be ironing out all the details as we go.

One really cool thing that has come of this move is that I now have my very own spot in our bedroom to sit and do my hair and makeup. Mark and I found this cute little desk on Craigslist. When we went to pick it up, Mark tried and tried to make it fit in the car. Finally after all his effort to make it fit, he sat it down and it just fell apart. We just stood there and laughed. God gave us our solution. Although it wasn't exactly what we wanted, it helped Mark to realize that the desk really wasn't constructed very well. We put the pieces in the trunk and went on home, laughing the entire way. A few weeks later, I have this adorable rebuilt and refinished little desk and vanity stool in our room. I love it! I even bought some cute fabric (Ginseng by Joel Dewberry for Free Spirit) to recover the vanity stool that I got from my grandmother's house before the estate sale.

I'm looking forward to Father's Day weekend. I've got a special project in the works for Mark. I'll show it off in my next post! Hope everyone enjoys their week!

P.S. Check out my new banner/avatar set in my shop!

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