6:59 PM

Long time, no post I know. Life has been so crazy! I'm on a break from creativity all together at the moment. Been doing a lot of "personal growth". The painful kind... But as always life turns out better in the end! I've been very focused on spending quality time with family including my fabulous husband and my daughter. We live with my mother right now and my younger brother who just had a baby with his girlfriend. The baby is adorable and has truly quenched my thirst for another child! I had baby fever again until he was born and now not only do I get to see the most adorable little baby, but I can give him back and get a full night's sleep too! Best of both worlds! I started a job and worked there for one week. It wasn't a good fit for me, so I had to quit. I have recently applied for another job and I'm waiting for them to do their background check before they make a decision on hiring me or not. I will be driving down town every day, but with my husband, so we'll get to spend more time together as we drive to and from work every day. Also, my daughter will be able to go back to the school that she loved so much before I became unemployed. That will be awesome too! I thought I could be a stay at home mom, but I cannot offer Emily what the school can, so it would be best for her if I went back to work and she was able to enjoy her friends again. Plus I would get the adult interaction I need and learn to succeed at something all my own. My husband will start his new job Sept. 1st and perhaps our lives can return to something close to normal! Yay!!!

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