7:30 PM

Wooo hooo! We just signed the lease on the house and we're moving in on Friday! Can't wait!

As I sit here writing this blog we are all so happy and so thankful. The mood is much elevated. We are all going to have our stuff and our privacy and space back. Yippeeeeee! :)

Tomorrow we'll be buying boxes (no one is giving them away on Craigslist anymore!) and starting packing what we have here. It's the first time in a long time I have packed with joy in my heart. Emily is very happy to know that she will be getting all of her toys back too. The back yard in huge, so it will easily accommodate the three dogs. My brother even likes his room and will have his own bathroom! We're all on cloud 9!

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Anonymous said...

Checking out your blog. Not sure when it was written because I didn't see a date. If you are still packing to move hopefully you didn't spend $$ on boxes. We just moved my daughter after being in her apt. 13 yrs. We got all her boxes from liquor stores, grocery stores - took the flattened boxes in the back and just taped them, and she asked one of the convenience stores on her beat to save boxes after he stocked his shelves. I also got several document/copy paper boxes from law firms.

Mark and Tiffany Wilson said...

Thank you so much for the advice! :)